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Everyone is entitled to their right to own a gun. However, courts can revoke this right when citizens are convicted of certain crimes. Because of this, you may need a gun rights lawyer. Your gun rights attorney can help you with gun rights restoration. This means that you could remove your ban on firearm ownership. Clients should contact attorney Robert Melvin when looking to restore gun rights. Attorney Melvin is a gun rights lawyer near Thurston County, WA. He is passionate about protecting your freedoms and fighting for your rights. This is why he should be your top choice in an attorney. Restoring your gun rights does not have to be a difficult process. Instead, you should get in touch with attorney Melvin. His is based in Tacoma, WA and serves other local areas, like:

  • Lakewood, WA
  • Kent, WA
  • Bonney Lake, WA
  • Buckley, WA
  • Puyallup, WA
  • Auburn, WA
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Washington will revoke your gun rights after certain convictions, including any felonies. However, you can also lose your gun rights when convicted of domestic violence, which is a misdemeanor. You will probably be looking to restore gun rights when this happens. A gun rights lawyer is the best way to make this happen. There are specific circumstances for gun rights restoration. Additionally, you will need to file with your attorney. Because of this, you should look to attorney Robert Melvin for assistance. Attorney Melvin is an avid hunter. This passion has led him to defend the gun rights of others. This is due to his understanding of the importance gun rights have. So get in touch today. New clients can receive a free consultation.

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Restore Gun Rights

Certain crimes can cause you to lose your gun rights. However, there are circumstances where you can get them back. You will most likely need a gun rights lawyer to do so. Additionally, the conditions will depend on your specific conviction. Some convictions are ineligible for gun rights restoration. Certain felonies or sex crimes prevent you from restoring your gun rights. However, other convictions have other options. You should consult with a qualified gun rights attorney if you have questions. Attorney Robert Melvin is ready to help in Thurston County, WA. He is dedicated to ensuring his clients’ rights, including the right to bear arms. To that end, he will work to restore gun rights for you.

Gun Rights Attorney

Courts can strip away your gun rights after certain convictions. Because of this, we can feel disempowered. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. Your gun rights attorney can help you get your rights back. They are an expert on the circumstances for restoring gun rights. Additionally, they will be able to fully explain your situation. You must go a period of time without committing any crimes in order to restore your gun rights. The amount of time will depend on your conviction. Felonies can require five years before restoration. Meanwhile, misdemeanors can require three years. However, you should consult a qualified gun rights lawyer to get a full grasp of your situation. Attorney Robert Melvin is ready to help. Clients can receive a free consultation today.

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Gun Rights Restoration

You don’t need to accept your loss of gun rights. Instead, you should contact a qualified gun rights lawyer. They can help you make the case for restoring your gun rights. Additionally, they can walk you through the restoration process. Attorney Robert Melvin is ready to get to work in the Thurston County, WA area. He is an experienced attorney committed to ensuring his clients’ rights. Additionally, he himself is an avid hunter. So he understands the importance of gun rights. Clients can receive a free consultation today.

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